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Web Designer & Content Creator

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MAFHH HOLDINGS INC. is a mortgage and finance firm located in Mississauga, ON, Canada. They pride them self on abandoning the, traditional, aggressive business practices of the finance world and reinventing it with the customer first approach. 

Following the color theme of their company, they wanted a website for their company that was super easy for their prospective clients to navigate. This aligned with my vision to create a clean & non-clustered design that doesn't overwhelm the visitors.

A challenge that I initially overlooked was not realizing how text heavy this website will be. This became a hindrance to our goal of keeping the site non-clustered. I addressed this issue by using different type faces, strategic brand colors and embedding videos and appropriate stills to create a naturally flowing page that allows visual breaks for the site visitor, thus minimizing reading fatigue & maximizing focus retention. 

I also decided to have all the pages of this site accessible through the header which makes the site easier to navigate as the user has the option to directly go to any page of the site without going through any unnecessary menus or pages. This little addition tremendously helps to create a better user experience.  

Content Creation

Along with designing and developing the website I created all the visual content for this client as well. This content was used for their site and for their social media pages.  

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